Feeling Thankful…

Feeling Thankful…

Feeling thankful for everyone helping to keep us safe and well at the moment. We are so blessed to be physically healthy and have each other ?⁠

Being thankful and practising gratitude is something I have started doing (albeit adhoc at the moment) since lockdown and something I am determined to make a habit soon.⁠

I am always striving for the next thing and the next thing and fully admit I need to live in the present more. I appreciate what I’ve got but I don’t focus on it as much as I tend to focus on what else do I need to do or achieve.⁠

I have been learning to meditate for 6 months now which is helping me to focus my mind on the present moment. But I have started to simple note down 3 things I am grateful for when I wake up in the morning.⁠

It helps to set the day off in a positive way and… gives me another excuse to buy a pretty notepad too ?