Lockdown Discoveries

Lockdown Discoveries

What have you started to do in lockdown that you haven’t done before? Have you started a healthy habit like becoming vegetarian or practicing yoga? Started to learn a new language or start to bake?⁠

I have started to grow my own fruit and herbs, got myself a little book with care notes in, and little reminders for tasks to do to look after them.⁠

I never ever had time (or made time) for this sort of thing before lockdown. Will it be something I continue after this is over? Realistically I’m not sure… but I’d like to try. Maybe instead of the 12 herbs and 6 varieties of fruit I need to cut it down a bit to an easier number!⁠

Something that I have started that I will definitely continue is the reusing and recycling of things. I am so much more conscious of wasting things. Packaging is horrific, why is there so much?! I’ve reused jars, bottles, loo roll insides, and I’m onto a DIY bird feeder next. Freezing herbs in oil is a must try too! And just buying less STUFF in general.⁠

What have you discovered or started in lockdown… and will you keep it up?