Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July

July is plastic free month, and like many others I wanted to use this as an opportunity to grow my awareness of the plastics I use, and eliminate as much as possible.

Like most people, I would be aware of the damage plastic does to the environment but I am too busy, focusing on something else, don’t think it will make a difference – and any other number of excuses to justify my lack of action. Plastics take 100s of years to biodegrade and it has a devastating effect on our oceans and wildlife.

Thankfully people are becoming more and more aware of the damage plastics are doing.I would love to convert to a plastic free life where possible and thought I would share below some useful sites, shops and tips to hopefully encourage you to do the same.

Over the month I will also share my favourite plastic free products, recommend plastic free bloggers to follow and keep you updated with my changes too. It is important to remember not to be overwhelmed, like me, just start with a few actions until you form a habit and build from there.


5 USEFUL PLASTIC FREE WEBSITES – where the movement started in Australia. Includes a really handy pesky plastics quiz. – closer to home in Cornwall. A helpful blog and plastic free online shop. – a green lifestyle media company spreading awareness on all things green. – marine conservation society, an English charity where you can also sign up to a plastic free July challenge. – an inspiring initiative to remove plastics from oceans and rivers that you can follow and support.



@plasticfreedom – plastic free online shop, and they plant a tree with every purchase!

@ecovibeuk – another plastic free online shop, with a plastic free starter kit.

@ecogreenrevolution_ – an eco friendly online shop with plastic free, sustainable and zero waste products.

@zerowastehome – tips, talking and buying help for a plastic free, zero waste home.

@trashisfortossers – an informative account for climate change and environmental issues.



A great place to start is with the big 4 offenders… plastic bags, water bottles, straws and coffee cups. Replace existing habits with new ones – always pack a tote bag, steel straw and reusable water bottle in your bag when you go out for the day. Keep a bunch of reusable bags for life in your car so you don’t get caught out at the supermarket.

I don’t drink coffee and keep a water bottle & steel straw with me already, so I chose to start with;

* avoiding prepacked fruit and vegetables. I will buy loose and also visit two local farm shops to see if I can buy regularly from there without packaging.

* avoiding buying plastic toys for Teddy. I have to admit, we have so much plastic – walkers, cars, keyboards, playhouses. I am looking into more sustainable options and wooden toys.

* avoiding store wrapped loaves of bread. Swap for bakery bread in a brown paper bag. looking at alternatives to dishwasher tablets.

* avoiding the plastic and packaging with a more eco friendly option. reducing the plastic in the bathroom. First stop I am going to start using plastic free cotton buds.


I understand that as individuals we can only go so far, but as consumers we have the power to influence the retailers with our buying behaviour.What are your thoughts? Do you do any of this already and do you have any ideas or tips too? And do you have any recommendations for plastic free suppliers.