Banana & peanut butter energy cookies

Banana & peanut butter energy cookies

Today I baked some banana & peanut butter energy cookies for the week.

Super easy (obviously) just 4 ingredients and they’re vegan and sugar free too. ⁠⠀
All you need to do is get…⁠⠀
2 mashed bananas⁠⠀
Dash of maple syrup⁠⠀
1 cup oats⁠⠀
1 tbsp peanut butter⁠⠀
1/2 cup (vegan) choc chips⁠⠀
Mix and mash it all together in a bowl, then scoop out & flatten on a baking tray. Bake for 10 mins on 180 degrees. Makes 10-15 depending on what size you scoop out. They taste so good warm. I have 2 with a protein shake if I need to have breakfast on the run (a lot!!!!) ???⁠⠀


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