Tips To Start Caring Less About What Others Think Of You!

Tips To Start Caring Less About What Others Think Of You!

Good morning ?

People will always have opinions and judge and have misconceptions about you. You can’t change this, you can only change your own mindset.

Here are some tips to start caring less and less about what people think (I have this saved in my phone to remind myself constantly as it isn’t easy?)

* accept that not everyone will like you and work on accepting you for you instead

* remember people are usually projecting. They’re being unkind because of them and their own issues

* wish that they find their own happiness

* spend more time with people who know, understand and appreciate the real you

* let go of perfectionism. Who are you trying to impress? Is what you’re trying to achieve just a never ending spiral?

* understand that it is IMPOSSIBLE to live up to everyone’s expectations, and stop trying

* take breaks from the digital world that pulls us into a comparison mentality, and enjoy being present

* listen to the opinions of those you trust and ignore the rest

* treat yourself with kindness, like a true friend

* and finally, LIVE YOUR LIFE ???


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