10 benefits of working out at home

10 benefits of working out at home

Ten benefits of working out at home


With gym-doors closed and us rolling out the home workout mat all over again, it can be easy to think it is all doom and gloom but actually, there are lots of benefits to workout out at home; here’s 10 to get you started!


  1. A chance to try new things

Whether you have been meaning to try pilates or you want a killer session for your glutei, this is your chance to get stuck in and try new things, without the fear or anxieties of going to a physical class. Try it, you might even find something you fall in love with!


  1. PJs and activewear are interchangeable

Roll out of bed and onto a yoga mat? That sounds like a good idea to us… Get comfy and get your body moving to iron out those kinks and creaks.


  1. Taking it slow

Being kind to your body during this time is the most important thing, so this means you can take it slow, focus on your form and how these exercises make your body feel.


  1. On your own terms

You have the luxury of waking up and listening to your body. What feels good today? What does your body need? Whether it’s a slow and deep yoga session, a hard and fast hit workout or maybe a country walk, your schedule is yours and you have more variety at your fingertips than ever before.


  1. Time is of the essence

Night owl or early bird, set your own workout agenda and make it work for you. Getting to a class at a certain time can sometimes be unfeasible but, with online classes and especially our MADE on demand platform, you can wave goodbye to rushing and squeezing.


  1. Practice makes perfect

Trying to hold that plank a little longer? Looking too perfect that burpee? Setting up your own space where you workout at home means you have an area to practice in that isn’t just in a class setting. You will have arms of steel before you know it.


  1. A place of zen

Some days you will want to blast out a workout and other days you may just need to sit with whatever feelings are cropping up and tune into your own body. With a designated workout space already set up, you have the perfect place to take a little time for you and only you.


  1. Leave your ego at the door

Your workout or practice is always your own but we know how tempting it can be to feel you have to be the ‘best at’ or the ‘most of’ something. When working out at home, you can easily leave your ego at the door and settle in for some endorphin-inducing movement.


  1. A chance to explore

In this instance we are talking about the great outdoors. Life is busy and one of the few advantages of lockdown, is that it has forced us to slow down and appreciate the things around us. A workout doesn’t have to be 100 sit ups and burpees with squats every time you boil the kettle, a good nature walk can sometimes be just the ticket.


  1. There at the drop of a hat

Got a spare thirty minutes in between meetings? Feeling stressed after your seventh zoom call of the day? If you need a quick hit of calm, stick your favourite playlist on and move your body, from the comfort of your own home, with weights and a mat to hand, if that’s what works for you…


How are you finding working out at home? Let us know in the comments and make sure you keep your body moving. If you want affordable access to wellness content including workouts, pilates & yoga, meditation, plant based recipes and wellbeing workshops then check out Welcome to MADE on demand wellness subscription… my new digitally delivered wellbeing membership.


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