Lockdown 3.0 Wellness Round Up

Lockdown 3.0 Wellness Round Up

While the UK is still in lockdown, it doesn’t mean that we can’t keep moving and keep active! I have rounded up my top picks to keep you running, walking, stretching and bending… and just moving in general as we try to stay safe (and sane) in lockdown 3.0.


Dark mornings are not our friends right now and it can sometimes feel like the middle of the night when that alarm starts ringing. This alarm clock wakes you up with simulated daylight and a range of gorgeous sounds to slowly and gently wake up your body, making that morning run that little bit more appealing.


There are newer models out now but at the moment I am using the Apple Watch 4 to track my movements and workouts. It can be a little disheartening at first when you see less than 1,000 steps done for the day (hello, work from home…) but it is a great way to track your exercise and steps, with a gentle buzz every hour to make sure you’re hitting your step goals. You can set it to remind you to take breaths, get up off the sofa and give yourself daily challenges too. We all need some help at the moment to keep moving


Wear without socks and let your toes stretch to every corner of the shoe. They are great for HIIT workouts, running and everyday errands, made from gorgeous Merino wool. They are washable and absorb up to 33% of their own weight in moisture, so this rainy weather we are having right now is no problem at all.


Super lightweight and breathable, this sports bra barely feels like it is there but offers serious support for high impact activities. Whether it’s a sweaty HIIT class or you are building up to a 10K, this bra will have you covered. Its Air Control Delta Pad allows air flow through the overlaid mesh on the lower and side areas of the breast as well as featuring a wide under band with tiny holes throughout to allow moisture and heat to escape from the body. The pad, anchored in three places, holds the breast firmly in place through any exercise regime! There’s no surprise Anita Active is an award winning sports brand!


Super-soft and hypoallergenic, this towel is not only fast drying but great for sensitive skin too. It hardens as it dries to prevent against bacteria and softens again in hot water. Machine washable and reusable, it comes in a carry case too so you can store it away or pop it in a gym bag when that time comes around!


For aches and pains when you have hit the tarmac or the yoga mat a little too hard. This muscle rub is infused with CBD oil to melt those pains away.


To round off a busy day or to prep for the weekend, cosy up with a guided meditation from our app, letting you focus on your breath and find a moment of calm amongst the chaos. There are plenty to choose from and our Sleep Series will have you drifting off into a deep and restful sleep.


Get moving and try to stay active over the next few months and see what a difference it makes to your mood and routine. These are just a few of the things I’ve found helpful and useful, making it a little bit easier and a little more enjoyable to stay fit throughout lockdown.


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