100 fitness videos my digital wellness subscription

100 fitness videos my digital wellness subscription

1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ FITNESS VIDEOS ????????⁠
Celebrating a milestone today after I uploaded the 100th fitness video onto the MADE on demand platform. The fitness category is 1 of 4 (alongside yoga, wellbeing & nutrition) and is now the largest of the 4 libraries. ⁠

A huge thank you to the wellness experts that have made this possible, especially @helena_cornes and @broganneedham who are our experts at the wellness centre too.⁠

We have a great variety of classes including…⁠
> HIIT classes with beginner and advanced options⁠
> Chair strength home workouts⁠
> Strength circuits with low impact options⁠
> Core strength classes⁠
> Legs, bums and tums workouts⁠
> Stretch classes for mobility, cool down & muscle relaxation⁠
> Pilates classes including fundamental series & shorter focused classes⁠
> Antenatal pilates classes⁠
> Barre ballet dance inspired fitness⁠
> Gym programmes to follow or save / print⁠
> Short fitness tip videos from our experts⁠

ANDDDDDDD we have even more coming soon including advanced barre, foam roller recovery and kettlebell strength workouts… watch this space! ⁠

Link in bio to join or message me for more info. Don’t wait until 17th May to start in the path to feeling more energetic motivated and positive, start NOW ?


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