5 ways to incorporate wellness into your business

5 ways to incorporate wellness into your business

Working in the spa, fitness and wellness industries, I’ve always tried to practise what I preach with my own teams.  I’d therefore like to share with you what’s worked best for us when it comes to workplace wellness.

Open Communications

Stress is generally the number one health issue at work and I’ve found that by keeping communcations open and catching up frequently with my team, this helps to avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety.  It can be hard to picture when we are providing a relaxing experience for our customers, but things can get a bit pressurised at times. Having an open door policy of talking about how we feel helps enormously to share any concerns and keep stress to a minimum. 

Regular Exercise

I know from my own experience of previously being a bit of a couch potato how exercise can be a real game changer when it comes to your emotions. We’re fortunate in having a wellness centre on our doorstep and all of our staff are encouraged to use the facilities and attend classes.  I’ve found that not only does this make everyone feel good, but it also encourages really great friendship bonds.  See if you can sign up with your local health club for a corporate membership or contact your nearest Personal Trainer to see if they can put together both individual and group workouts which you can subsidise.

Healthy Snacks

I used to live on a diet of take aways and Diet Coke – and it showed in every aspect of my life! Encourage your staff to eat healthily by providing some healthy snacks, even if it’s a weekly treat of fresh fruit, veggies with healthy dips and unsalted nuts.

Thinking Time

I would rarely have any down time from work, regularly working all hours most days. I now know the benefits of taking regular breaks and the importance of holidays. I understand the value that taking a break has on productivity and creativity too. It is really difficult to think outside the box… when you never leave it!! Your mind needs space to think and you can only do that when you take yourself out of your normal working routine. And I’ve found it’s different for all of us. For some it’s a workout, for others it’s a soak in the bath tub. Whatever it is, it’s priceless for a successful business and everyone’s happiness.

Green Your Surroundings

Both MADE and Moddershall Oaks are set in beautiful countryside in Staffordshire and our buildings have lots of windows so we’re surrounded by green.  However, if you’re in a city or more closed environment, make sure you have some green plants around you. It’s been proven that not only do plants clean the air and make your surroundings look more attractive but they also reduce stress and increase productivity and creativity.   If you’re not particularly green fingered (me neither ha!), then allocate someone on your team who is or choose a company that comes in regularly to look after them.

I’d love to hear what works for you. Let me know!

Penny x


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