6 tips to combat stress eating

6 tips to combat stress eating

I have always been an emotional eater but I am mindful of it. So when I am feeling a biit stressed, hormonal or down, I try to make sure I have plenty of healthy snacks around.

I don’t know about anyone else, but emotional eating has become so much worse in lockdown. This is all related to anxiety, uncertainty & changes to routine.

I thought I’d share some ways I try to combat stress eating and see if it helps you too.

* drink water. It really works! Sometimes you are dehydrated and need to quench your thirst. Instead of snacking on something salty or sugary that will make me more thirsty (& snack even more!), I drink a pint of water and keep a bottle of water with me all day.

* eat regularly. I snack on rubbish when I have gone too long without eating, whether busy with work or Ted. Eat at regular times and add in healthy snacks mid morn & mid afternoon to make sure you don’t get too hungry.

* get enough sleep. If I have had a bad night (either from a wired brain or from Teddy waking) then I just want to comfort eat! Tiredness = less energy and more hunger hormones. So get enough sleep and wake up rested & full of energy (need to take my own advice).

* exercise regularly. Not necessarily a direct fix for stress eating… but a direct fix for the stress which may cause you to overeat. Exercise really is the best medicine, I can’t recommend any sort of physical activity enough. 

* be prepared. Prepare meals, buy healthy options in your food shop… don’t stock up on naughty treats! Set your environment up for success. Find snacks you enjoy (simple things like hummus & cucumber or apple & cucumber)

* eat filling foods. Include nourishing, filling foods to keep you fuller for longer and less likely to get tempted. Apples, avocado, chia seeds & oats are my favourites. Choose good fats & fibre rich food to fill you up so you’re less likely to overeat.


Snacks are NOT bad, I love a couple of snacks a day to keep my energy levels up and my metabolism firing… but there is a limit and make sure (most of) your snacks are super good for you ?

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