Wellness On Demand Launches

Wellness On Demand Launches

I am excited to let you know that my recent project is now live!! Welcome to MADE On Demand is an on demand wellness membership that aims to make wellness affordable and accessible for people around the world. A first of its kind wellness subscription service that targets wellness at every degree. 

Nourishing the body, feeding the soul and spreading positivity, I wanted this membership community to help people create a balanced, healthy and happy life by making little and realistic changes that lead to positive differences. 

Welcome to MADE is much more than just a brand, it is a lifestyle that brings together a vibrant community of like-minded and positive people. Using only the very best fitness experts, nutritionists, chefs and holistic wellness experts, the platform will not only educate but truly inspire its members. Passionate about motivation, the platform will encourage members to become their best selves. From food and meditation, to HIIT workouts and sleep workshops, MADE is all about living well anytime and anywhere, on a mobile, tablet or laptop. 

It will provide access to an unprecedented amount of pre-recorded fitness classes, wellbeing workshops and cook-along content… I am interviewing and filming experts almost daily at the moment. With content available 24/7, MADE on demand members can pick and choose when and where they engage with our wellness services. I am also working on a Corporate Membership with full access to the wellness on demand content to increase employee engagement and productivity. 

Wellness doesn’t just stop at nutrition and exercise on the platform, as equal emphasis is placed on selfcare – something I am a huge advocate of! Welcome to MADE on demand offers its clients a path to complete 360 degrees wellness through yoga, meditation, workplace wellbeing, positive psychology anxiety management and more. I always invite our on demand members to let me know what content they feel would benefit them and what sort of videos they would like to see more of.


I started my MADE by Penny blog and wellness brand because I wanted to share my wellbeing journey and help others live better. I’ve gathered so much knowledge about nutrition, fitness and relaxation that could benefit a great many more people, not just for our wonderful clients that come to our spa and wellbeing centre but wherever they are. 

With the launch of MADE On Demand my aim is to make quality wellness services more accessible, bring together a supportive community on one platform and to help our members be happier, more confident and to live better.

Instant access as low as £9.50 per month which is as little as £31p a day. 
Pay monthly, quarterly, annually and cancel anytime with 30 days notice. TRY FREE FOR 2 WEEKS.


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