7 tips to wake up feeling energised

7 tips to wake up feeling energised

If I am feeling stressed, drained and low – I get myself off to sleep. It helps my mind to reset. I wake up positive, determined and motivated most mornings. Here are some ways you can too:⁠

? Try to have a set sleep routine, times when you wind down, get into bed, set your alarm to wake up. Our bodies get used to it and we will find it easier to fall asleep and wake up when we are in a rhythm⁠

? Make sure you mindfully wrote down all your stresses the evening before so your head isn’t consumed with tasks straight away⁠

? Be mindful about what you eat before bed. A heavy meal will activate your digestive system and may make you feel uncomfortable. Try to leave 4 hours between your dinner and bedtime. If you are peckish you could have a snack rich in sleep-promoting tryptophan like nuts, seeds, bananas, honey and eggs⁠

? Get some natural light as soon as you wake up. Try to avoid black out blinds so the light comes in naturally in the morning to help quickstart your day⁠

? Do NOT snooze that alarm… get out of bed!!! Snoozing is not quality sleep and you’re more likely to be lethargic when you eventually get up⁠

? Energise your mind and body with breathing techniques before you start your morning routine. Imagine breathing in the freshest of air and the brightest lights, to wake yourself up⁠

? Have a morning routine you look forward to. Cold drink of water, catching up on the news, energising yoga practice, quick jog outside, mug of hot water and lemon, walking the dog, setting goals for the day, making a healthy smoothie, doing a mini facial. Whatever it may be – enjoy it⁠

Instead of resigning to the fact you are ‘not a morning person’ – take control and make small changes, adapt some of these habits, and wake up more refreshed in the mornings. Ready to make it happen!! ??⁠


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