Mindful Autumn Walks

Mindful Autumn Walks

~ mindful Autumn walks ~⁠

Walking is great for our wellbeing any time of year, but walking in Autumn has so many benefits. Crisp frosty mornings, bright blue skies, less crowded walks, colourful views, seasonal wildlife and cool fresh air. If you get outdoors but find your mind wanders to things you need to do or you start worrying about things you can’t control, then here are some tips to help make your next walk more mindful.⁠

* count your breaths. Try breathing in for 3 steps and breathing out for 6 steps, depending on your walking pace. Just make sure you exhale for longer than you inhale as it calms your mind and soothes your nervous system.⁠
* keep an eye out for wildlife. Squirrels, rabbits, foxes, hedgehogs. If there isn’t as much to spot where you are walking, you can start looking out for birds and bugs. ⁠
* stop ever so often, sit down where you can and do nothing but look up at the sky and stare at the clouds for a few minutes. It is relaxing, helps to slow us down, and gives us a sense of wonder – try it!⁠
* notice the trees around you, the shapes and colours of the leaves, the height of the trees and the types. There are many psychological benefits to walking amongst trees and so often we can walk without noticing them. Be present and admire their beauty.⁠
* and finally listening to the sounds on your walk is a great way of being in the moment and focusing your mind. What can you hear? The crunch of your footsteps, the birds singing, the breeze moving the trees, any traffic, any dogs barking. Really listen and pay attention to the sounds around you.⁠

I have been looking into forest bathing for some time now as I think we can make more of the woodland @moddershalloaks, we are lucky to have such beautiful surroundings ????⁠


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