My top 5 benefits of taking a salt bath

My top 5 benefits of taking a salt bath

For so many years baths were never my thing. I just didn’t have the patience and didn’t appreciate the value in relaxing and stopping for some me time! Now… I love having a hot bath after a long day. It is a great way to unwind, however there are things I do to enhance a bath to help my body even more. Adding mineral salts are a quick and easy way to ramp up the health benefits of your bath and boost your overall health.

Bath salts are powdered minerals which can be sourced from salt rich areas all over the world. When added to warm water, these minerals infuse into the water and are absorbed into the body through our skin. Different salts are infused with immune boosting ingredients which can target various health issues, some of which are listed below:

For relaxation – Try Magnesium salts which help reduce inflammation in the body and stress. These are especially good before going to bed as they relax the muscles. Have you ever had restless legs (ouch!!!) – magnesium can really help.

For detoxifying – Himalayan salts stimulate circulation, flushing out any toxins in the body and increasing moisture retention.

For muscle pain – Epsom salt flushes build-up of lactic acid and therefore relaxes the muscles, great if your feeling particular achey after a tough workout!

For problematic skin – Dead Sea salts contain magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium, and the deeply hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. These sorts of salts are perfect for anyone suffering with eczema or psoriasis as the deep hydration relieves dry painful skin.

For a spa at home experience – Sea salt baths are proven to have therapeutic and healing properties as well as the ability to ease stress, and to feel the benefits you should bathe in them for at least 15 minutes. For a truly indulgent bathing experience, include relaxing music and and few candles and you’ll feel like you’re in a spa in no time.

My current favourite bath sales are Westlab Recover Bathing Salts containing Epsom Salts, White Willow and Eucalyptus.  They’re great for a post workout.


Let me know your favourite bath salts! Would love to know your recommendations so I can try more!

Penny x


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