Eucalyptus shower for a ‘spa-at-home’ experience

Eucalyptus shower for a ‘spa-at-home’ experience

I love pinterest for a bit of plant research (ha) and learnt about plants in bathrooms. Low maintenance plants like fern, pothos, peace lily and grape ivy are great additions to the bathroom and thrive in a humid environment ???⁠ ⁠

So if you like super hot showers like me and create lots of steam, that’s perfect for bathroom plants. They help to improve the room’s air quality and eliminate bacteria too.⁠ But recently I tried eucalyptus.

The steam and the heat unleashes the aromatherapy oils of the plant and your bathroom will smell like a steam room!⁠ It is like your own aromatherapy or a DIY shower steamer… the eucalyptus is super refreshing and helps with congestion which is much needed at the moment with hayfever.

Throw in the mix that I can feel it lifting my mood and clearing my mind – it is a must try!


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