Choose to be healthy with Welcome to MADE on demand

Choose to be healthy with Welcome to MADE on demand

“Choose to be healthy.”

The only new year’s resolution you need. And it is up to you and only you. YOU CAN CHOOSE TO BE HEALTHY. @welcometomade was created, not to create a ‘new’ you, but to help you become a happier, healthier version of you. Our MADE wellness centre may be closed at the moment, but MADE on demand was created to provide wellness resources for you anywhere, anytime on your laptop or mobile. From yoga, fitness classes and pilates, to meditation courses, sleep stories and plant based recipes… let @welcometomade help you to live well. Join MADE on demand from just £9.50 per month.

Welcome to MADE on demand is my virtual wellbeing business that launched this year and it includes fitness, yoga, pilates, nutrition and wellbeing videos, including meditation. Already live on the platform are introductory meditation videos, workplace wellbeing meditations, gratitude practices, happiness sessions, breathwork for anxiety, meditation for deep sleep and the first of our NEW series of Sleep Stories. Coming soon are more sleep stories, visualisations, breathing techniques and hypnotherapy. ⁠

My vision for Welcome to MADE was always to make wellness more accessible and the launch of the virtual arm of the business does just that. You can log in and watch or listen from anywhere with an internet connection. And I have so much more wellness content on the way too. You can try MADE on demand for FREE for 14 days and see if it helps you to live well * be happy * become MADE.



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