Garbage in, garbage out!

Garbage in, garbage out!

I love the phrase ‘garbage in, garbage out’ and use it to be mindful of what I consume on a daily basis… from the food I eat, to the books we read, and the people that we listen to. Have you ever felt drained and worried after consuming depressing news story after depressing news story?

Have you ever felt deflated and negative after being around a miserable person for too long? What we consume has a direct effect on our state of mind and you can do something about it. Try to consume LESS garbage.

Consider who you follow on social media, who you spend time with, what books you read, what TV you watch. I personally love a bit of garbage TV and a good horror movie. I like crap jokes and stupid, pointless programmes sometimes, when I feel like my brain has had enough and needs something light ha.

But I am trying to stop binge watching Netflix, read less news from the mainstream channels, and unfollow social media accounts that don’t inspire me. Control the inputs in your life, feed your brain with goodness instead of garbage, and you’ll be stronger, smarter, more positive and more content. Try it – I’m currently exploring podcasts…



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