July Wellness Round Up

July Wellness Round Up


From performance boosting preworkout and hydration, to beautifully scented candles, bathing salts and body butter… here are my wellness favourites this month!



If you need a bit of an extra push to give it your all in your next gym session, try the Activate preworkout by BioSynergy. Designed as part of their Active Woman range, it is nutritionally designed for women with 25g of protein, folic acid, calcium and zinc. I love the added Green Tea extract for the extra boost of energy, and 6g of BCAAs to build muscle and improve recovery after exercise. Think a delicious strawberry milkshake that is low in fat, high in protein with added vitamins that boosts your metabolism too, doesn’t get any better than that! Visit BioSynergyuse code MBP20 for 20% off.


Staying hydrated is so important for all, being dehydrated affects our energy, sleep, skin and focus. It affects our performance too if we don’t replace fluids lost through sweating when working out. I was dehydrated when I first had Teddy just always forgetting to have a drink of water (sleep deprivation haze!) and it had a real negative effect on my body. iProhydrate is my go-to drink during a workout now, it replaces fluids 4 times quicker than water with added electrolytes, vitamins and essential minerals. Fully natural, flavoured spring water and low in sugar too, the water is also informed sport certified. Discover iProhydrate.


The latest science of positive psychology fits perfectly with the ancient practice of yoga. We have just launched 3 new yoga classes on our Welcome to MADE on demand wellness membership website. It is a series of 3 yoga sessions focused on positive psychology helping to give people the tools to incorporate small changes in their lives that make a big difference. Designed and lead by Annabel one of our wellness experts, each flow has a specific focus; courage, curiosity and perseverance. And all sessions help with cultivating happiness, self-esteem and optimism. I am very much a beginner yogi but am really enjoying the sessions, about to start the 3rd one now. Find out about MADE on demand FREE trial.


I read ‘Primal Panacea’ by Dr Thomas Levy which talks about the proven benefits of high dose vitamin C with preventing and curing a variety of conditions. Since then I have started taking Altrient vitamin C every morning. They are liposomal supplements using a gel delivery system which maximises the absorption, shielding the nutrients from the stomach acid and delivering them safely to the bloodstream. A revolutionary method and a high dose, to give you a comparison, one gel sachet is 1000mg, and our recommended daily dose is just 80mg. Pure form, gluten free, vegan and gentle supplement that will help to boost my immune system, skin elasticity, hydration and collagen levels. Yes please!! Discover Altrient vitamin C.


Absolutely loving KIND snacks new breakfast bar range. I have always loved KIND, packed with flavour and nutrients. I can spend quite a bit of time in my car commuting so sometimes need breakfast or snacks on the go. Their range is perfect and they are so filling, it makes sure I don’t get tempted to have something full of sugar. The KIND bars taste indulgent but are so good for you. View Kind Breakfast.


If you think Omega-3, you think fish oils right? Well did you know that Vegetology is a vegan and fish free way to get your essential fats! Essential for your joints, brain and heart health, the ingredients are a combination of algae and plant-based ingredients to provide the body with omega 3 and saves 35 fish for every bottle! And everyone who knows me knows that is important  Two capsules a day also provides you with your daily recommended dose of vitamin D3 as well! I love HIIT training and I am mindful about keeping my joints strong, so taking these tablets is part of my morning routine. Check out Vegetology Omega-3 supplements.


I am addicted to Aery Living’s beautiful scents! I have one of their sustainable, hand poured candles in every room of the house. They are 100% vegan, petroleum free and cruelty free as well as eco conscious, using fully recyclable and plastic free packaging. I fell in love with their ethos and how committed to green and ethical working practices. But their aromatherapy blends use different blends of essential oils to help with relaxation, anxiety, stress relief and sleep… it is like having a spa at home! My favourite at the moment is their Positive Energy candle with pink grapefruit, vetiver and mint! Experience Aery Living.


Running a business and being a Mum can be quite stressful. Any time I’m not with Ted I need to work, so baths are a luxury. I have set aside time to have a relaxing bath once a week and even bought myself a bath caddy so I can have a nice drink and watch Netflix on my iPad. I love invigorating scents and tried the West Lab Mindful Bathing Salts with Frankincense oil (anti-inflammatory), bergamot oil (de-stressing) and CBD oil (pain and anxiety relief)… and the magnesium rich Epsom and Himalayan Salts relax the mind and promote tranquillity. I can feel myself relaxing within minutes but I still feel calm and focused after to crack on with some work. Find out more about West Lab Salts.


We stock Neom products at Moddershall Oaks and offer luxury Neom treatments too so I have been a fan of Neom for some time. My most recent favourite is their Magnesium Body Butter. Magnesium is great for sleep, stress and mood but most of us are deficient in it, and this indulgent body cream contains 88mg per 5ml. The magnesium absorbs really well into the body when applied topically so you can relax with the scents of lavender, jasmine and rosewood, as well as nourish and soften the skin – at the same time as getting the magnesium your body needs. Experience Neom body butter.


I am time poor, really time poor! But I dedicate as much time as I can to ensure Teddy gets the right nutrition and a plantbased, healthy diet. I love to experiment, but with 5 meals a day (breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner) I struggle to make everything myself and decided to get a helping hand from Mamamade. Just 12 meals every 2 – 4 weeks, so it means I have a backup, if I am rushing around. It also helps to give me inspiration for things to cook myself for Teddy (and for me!). They are healthy, natural and plant-based and offer a free carbon neutral delivery service. From breakfast bowls to finger foods, they can be prepped in minutes but I know he is getting really nutritious food. A life saver for busy mums! Check out Mamamade and enjoy 20% off your first box with code PENNY20.


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