Recipe: My Mango & Vanilla Protein Whip

Recipe: My Mango & Vanilla Protein Whip

There is nothing I like more than experimenting with fruity flavours and my latest creation was a hit with all the family! My “Mango & Vanilla Protein Whip” is super easy and extra indulgent, catering to those days when you need a little bit of decadence!

Thank you Food Heaven for the delicious vegan whipped cream!

In your blender throw:

  • Your favourite vanilla or banana flavoured protein powder
  • A whole frozen banana
  • Frozen mango chunks
  • A vanilla yoghurt – I love Alpro but you can use any that suits your taste
  • Top with a couple of dashes of oat milk (top tip: the less milk the thicker the whip!)

Whiz together to a fluffy consistency and top with the vegan whipped cream – delicious! Full of healthy fats and protein… you’ll feel full of energy and like you’ve had a rich, creamy treat so may be less likely to reach for a beauty snack 😉

If you have a go at making the “Mango & Vanilla Protein Whip” make sure you let me know!

Penny x


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