Positive Morning Checklist

Positive Morning Checklist

My advice this Monday morning would be to set yourself up for success with a ritual that lets you hit the ground running, make the most of your day and stay positive, in control and motivated to get things done (whatever that may be). Ideas for your morning checklist taken from mine…⁠

☀️ MAKE YOUR BED don’t snooze, don’t start scrolling, don’t go onto the news. Get your ass up & make that bed!⁠
☀️ DRINK 250ML WATER kickstart your daily hydration with water straight away, add lemon if poss.⁠
☀️ GRATITUDE NOTES note 3 things you’re grateful for, or picture them with a quick meditation.⁠
☀️ VITAMIN C inside & out for me, I take a super strength vitamin C supplement & apply vitamin C face & eye serum.⁠
☀️ 30 MINS MOVEMENT can be stretching, walking the dog or my favourite, a big beasty HIIT workout.⁠
☀️ SET INTENTIONS so you take on the day with purpose & control, instead of letting things just happen to you.⁠
☀️ HEALTHY BREAKFAST the best meal of the day, baked oats, açai bowl, nice cream, green smoothie *drools*⁠
☀️ FRESH AIR so simple & so important, get some fresh air to walk you up and give you a natural boost of energy.⁠

Be realistic! Sometimes I smash my mornings and sometimes (usually Teddy related) they are epic fails and WOW you can tell the difference in your mood and energy levels the rest of the day. Keep it simple, natural and unique to you so it all happens easy. HAVE A GREAT DAY ?


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