Mum & toddler strawberry & pitaya overnight oats

Mum & toddler strawberry & pitaya overnight oats

Strawberry and pitaya overnight oats prepped for me and Ted tomorrow ? I had some strawberries that needed using up so made this to save time in the morning. The mornings when I am going to work are always a rush, I like to have brekkie with Ted and put him in a cute outfit, but I have to get out the house, why is it impossible to get out the house quickly with a child?! ? ⁠

All I did was blend fresh strawberries with a teaspoon of pink pitaya powder (optional, if you don’t have any, don’t worry) with some coconut yoghurt, maple syrup and almond milk. Only a dash of almond milk so the mixture was still thick. Then I poured the delicious pink mixture into jars, before adding a cup of rolled oats and stirring them together. Leaving this overnight in the fridge will mean the oats soak up the yoghurt and become all creamy! You can make larger batches, and mix up the fruit you use too. It is so healthy as well, releasing energy slowly throughout the morning. Experiment with toppings too, I’ve used granola and strawberries here.⁠

If you have an overnight oats recipe let me know, I am totally hooked and trying lots at the moment. Making a conscious effort to have mood boosting foods and start the day with a really healthy breakfast ?


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