Sweet & Savoury Toast Parties

Sweet & Savoury Toast Parties

It is time to elevate your bread to new heights beyond butter and jam. Here are some healthy topping ideas to satisfy your hunger whether you fancy something sweet or savoury…

Savoury toast partyyyyyyyy ??⁠⠀
• Homemade lemon humus & sliced tomatoes⁠⠀
• Smashed avocado with olive oil, chilli flakes, pink rock salt & lime juice⁠⠀
• Vegan cream cheese & sliced cucumbers⁠⠀
• Sliced mushrooms sliced in garlic & parsley butter⁠⠀

Sweet toast soiree ??⁠⠀

• Blue spirulina coconut yoghurt & chopped frozen mango
• Smooth peanut butter, banana stars & shredded vegan choc
• Dairy free chocolate & hazelnut spread, strawberry hearts, desiccated coconut
• Almond butter, fresh & frozen blueberries

Healthy, simple, savoury or sweet. Delicious choices for breakfast or lunch (or dinner??!) Which topping would you choose??? ⁠⠀

Let me know your fave ⬇️⁠⠀


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