Tips for feeling healthier at work

Tips for feeling healthier at work

Workplace wellness… what can you do to feel healthier and more positive at work.

* walking meetings. Some of us can sit down at work too much. If you need to have a meeting or a chat with someone, turn it into a walking meeting instead. You get some extra steps in and research suggests it helps to keep you feeing creative and refreshed.

* extra steps. Keep your body moving, your energy flowing and your metabolism firing. Park further away and walk more, take the stairs and not the lift, walk to find people instead of emailing. All things I need to do more of!

* prepare your food and snacks. It will help you to avoid the temptations of unhealthy snacks throughout the day causing sugar rushes followed by energy crashes. There is nothing worse than feeling sleepy at work ? Bring lunch and pack healthy but filling snacks like peanut butter & rice cakes, almond butter & apple slices, nuts & berries or carrots & hummus.

* learn to focus! You will get more done, feel more productive and be less stressed. We can be distracted so easily nowadays. So pop your phone away while you’re doing emails… close your emails down while you’re working on a project… giving things your undivided attention even in short bursts will help you to be more efficient (I need to take my own advice!)

* take mini breaks. The typical working day and 1 break is outdated. After about an hour of focus our brain needs a break. Working in shorter chunks helps to refresh & replenish our minds, and helps us to be more creative. If you have to work in the typical 30 minute lunch break format you can always stretch your legs, walk outside, grab a drink of water, and just break away from your desk for a few moments ever hour.

* exercise before work. YES! So important, it gives you energy, makes you feel more confident, improves your decision making, focuses your mind, kickstarts your metabolism and makes you feel less stressed. Whether it is a HIIT session, a steady jog, sunrise yoga or a brisk walk with the dog. As long as you get that heart rate up enough to break a sweat and unleash endorphins that you will feel energised and ready to start your day.

* and finally the most simple one but one we are all guilty of neglecting sometimes is staying hydrated at work! A minimum of 2 litres per day increases with every caffeinated drink you consume. Try to swap the coffee for decaf and look out for drinks that give you natural energy too like guarana, ginseng and green tea… so you can feel more energised naturally without the dehydrating effects of caffeine.


Remember at the moment working is a privilege as so many people have already lost and will soon lose their jobs. It is a really difficult time so keep things in perspective as we deal with our workplace stresses, and stay grateful for what you have ?


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