You are what you listen to!

You are what you listen to!

Podcasts to listen to if you want to feel a little lighter… because you really are what you listen to. I find listening to motivational and positive podcasts when I’m struggling a little with anxiety, really helps to give my mood a boost!


Zoom-fatigue, mask-acne, and feeling like normality is a distant memory. Those are just some of the things we are all experiencing right now, but if you are looking for some hope and light-listening along the way, here are a few of my favourite podcasts to give us a boost when we need them.


Hosted by Fearne Cotton, this podcast features guests from all walks of life who talk about their lives and happy places. Full of inspiring stories, heartwarming humans, and Fearne’s excellent hosting skills, this is one I go back to time and time again. Some of my favourite episodes are with Zephyr Wildman and Poorna Bell. 


Brene Brown. Need I say more? If you’re looking for uplifting content and thoughtful listening, then this is definitely a go-to. Light in the right places and thought-provoking, too; this makes for a good lockdown listen.


Removing stigma and fighting for what’s right, Jameela Jamil’s podcast is home to big questions and meaningful conversations. I love this one as it talks about the things I wish were spoken about more, tackling shame and society, weight and worth, plus so much more in an accessible and enjoyable way.


The one that gives us all a little bit of hope. How to Fail with Elizabeth Day is a great podcast for helping us realise that it all happens for a reason and the failures help to lead us to the wins. Big guests and fascinating stories, this series is all about celebrating and appreciating life’s failures. 


If you have enjoyed any other podcasts over the past few months, let me know, and I’ll pop it on my ‘to listen to’ list!


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